Kubota Tractor Modifications

Projects include: hitch, light bar, front receiver, brush mower wheels,throttle lever housing.

Future Project: Mechanical Backhoe Thumb


3 Point Hitch Receiver



Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 9.03.09 PM

Front Bucket Receiver


Throttle Pivot

In 2014, the aluminum casting which holds the base of the BX24 throttle lever broke off. The engine could not be revved up and at 980 RPM, the tractor is as good as turned off.

I looked at the aluminum casting. It would be a nightmare to get off- the entire body , the front axle driveshaft, and the radiator all needed to come off. After removing everything, a simple, cheap and fast solution dawned on me. I could make a new bracket to fix the problem.

The (unnecessary) TeardownIMG_4571

Bracket I fabricated out of scrap steelIMG_4597

Mounting the bracket. Note the black throttle lever. IMG_4596

Video of operation!