3d Printing (Prusa mk3)

On Cyber Monday 2018 I got the itch to get some new technology. I had wanted a 3d printer for awhile, especially after spending more and more time using one at work. I was disappointed in my 3d printing experience in school. There wasn’t an opportunity for students to run/use printers- you’d send an .stl to a black hole and have a part a few days later. They changed that after I graduated, of course.

After consulting with friends, former professors, and the internet, I settled on the Prusa MK3. I ordered it and waited 3 (agonizingly long) weeks for it to arrive.

The overseas package arrives!

The printer arrived on a Sunday at about noon. I sat in the same chair for about 8 hours putting it together. I probably would’ve put it together fast if I weren’t watching the Batman trilogy at the same time.

Assembling the frame
Assembling the printer head
Assembly complete!

So far my favorite print has been the functioning oil cups for the 1915 Corliss steam engine at NMIH. It’s fun to see them whenever I visit NMIH.

I’ve also been printing a lot of things to organize my tools, a 3d image of my sister’s dog, and of course, the inevitable “stuff” you end up printing when you own a printer.